We were thrilled to have Eva Ho, General Partner at Fika Ventures, join us on the latest episode of the riffing on life podcast, hosted by our very own Brian Mohr.

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About the show.

riffing on life is a show dedicated to unearthing the lesser-known, yet oftentimes most important and most interesting lessons, stories, memories, and experiences from some of the most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and pioneers.

And of course, because our love of music runs so deep here at anthym, we'll also discover the bands and songs that have been playing in the background serving as the soundtrack of our guests' lives.

Enjoy our past episodes.

Episode 59 - Minnie Ingersoll

Partner | TenOneTen Ventures

Episode 58 - Andy Maurer

Founder | Purpose Whole

Episode 57 - Lizelle van Vuuren

Founder | Women Who Startup

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Episode 55 - Shane Mac

Founder | XMTP Labs

Episode 54 - Kelly Perdew

Co-founder | Moonshots Capital

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Founder | UGG

Episode 52 - Lars Schmidt

Founder | Amplify Talent

Episode 51 - Mark C. Crowley

Author | Lead from the Heart

Episode 50 - Doug Deluca

EP - Jimmy Kimmel Live

The episodes below were recorded by Brian under the Built On Purpose podcast brand, which has now been repurposed to the My Anthym podcast.

Episode 49 - Chip Conley

Founder of Modern Elder Academy

Episode 48 - Lauren Bailey

CEO of Upward Projects

Episode 47 - Alexander McCobin

CEO of Conscious Capitalism

Episode 46 - Rob Kelly

CEO of Ongig

Episode 45 - Garry Ridge

CEO of the WD-40 Company

Episode 44 - Cameron Herold

The CEO Whisperer

Episode 43 - Luke Larson

President of Axon (fka TASER)

Episode 42 - Ben Brooks

Founder & CEO of PILOT

Episode 41 - Craig DeMarco

Founder of Upward Projects


Episode 40 - Katharine Halpin

President & CEO of The Halpin Co.


Episode 39 - Paul Spiegelman

Chief Culture Officer at Stericycle

Copyright Kate Haley Photography

Episode 38 - Danielle Harlan

Founder & CEO of CALHP


Episode 37 - Aaron Hurst

CEO of Imperative


Episode 36 - Brett Hurt

Co-Founder & CEO of


Episode 35 - Corey Michael Blake

CEO of Round Table Companies


Episode 34 - Gavin Armstrong

Founder & CEO of Lucky Iron Fish


Episode 33 - Brian Walker

CEO of Herman Miller


Episode 32 - Tucker Max

Author & Entrepreneur


Episode 28 - Katie Burke

VP of Culture at HubSpot


Episode 12 - Doug Rauch

Former President - Trader Joes


Episode 11 - Ann Rhoades

Former CPO - Southwest Airlines