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Welcome to anthym – the place where you can reflect on and catalog your life's most important moments & memories to help tell your authentic story.


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Get started fast by signing up with your email, Facebook or Twitter account.  Get ready to introduce your story through our introductory module called The 5 Moment Intro. It's truly a trip down memory lane!


2. The 5 Moment Intro

The 5 Moment Intro uses music to help you introduce yourself through 5 moments & songs special to you. Listen to or search for songs until you find 5 songs that inspired or defined your moments.


3. Module Library

Explore our module library and continue to tell your authentic story through the music, books, movies, TED talks and podcasts that have inspired your life journey and helped shape who you are.


4. Connect & Share

Connect to and share experiences with colleagues & friends and discover new inspiration through the stories of community members.  Ready to get started?  Let's go!

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